Register Your Bonsai Tree

Register Your Bonsai Tree

Once your bonsai property has been tagged & identified, it is important to register the details. These details can be easily entered on ‘The UK National Property Register’ or ‘ The US National Property Register’ at click on the change button at the top of the Home page to change countries, then follow the login procedure. Please note this database is ‘Free’ to use no subscriptions or annual fees are required.

When entering your contact and property details to be registered, you can rest assured in the knowledge that this information will be safe on the secure and protected server database. This data is accessible by the Police forces via their online NMPR search engine enabling the authorities to verify legal ownership of registered items.

How to register your bonsai tree

During initial registration and contact details are confirmed, a password will be sent to your e-mail account. This password in conjunction with your e-mail address will allow login access to the registered account. Using this facility allows you complete control updating photo’s and editing of data which is specific to the description of your tagged Bonsai trees & pots. A suggested format & an example of a registered account can be found at the bottom of the page.

  1. At immobilise home page start initial registration login.
  2. Enter contact details requested.
  3. Register a new item on ‘New Item’ page.
  4. At Item Details and Type section, click on ‘Select item type’ choose ‘other’ from list.
  5. Next add the ‘Make & Model’ of item as appropriate (refer to page below)
  6. In ‘description’ box enter specific details in sentence format only.
  7. In ‘markings’ box enter ‘transponder tag ID no.**’ of Tree & or Pot (refer to page below)
  8. Add Purchase date and cost of item or approximation.
  9. In ‘Identifiers’ field enter the transponder ID no/s. Only
  10. Click and ‘Save’ details to add new item.
  11. Images of a registered Bonsai can be uploaded for visual reference.
  12. No need to resize images, limit now increased to 12MB

If you make any mistakes during the process you can revise and edit your items description until you are satisfied. We recommend that you save a copy of your account details to your computer or print off a screen shot for your records. A certificate which includes images of a registered item can also be downloaded as a ‘ pdf ‘ and a copy printed off if required.


Immobilise page edited screenshot 2