World’s first Bonsai Pot with RFID facility

Expo Bonsai UK 8th April 2018

BON-TAG showcased a specially commissioned pot with a unique feature incorporated into the pot structure. A blank cavity was created to accept a tablet sized RFID ‘tag’ microchip. The ‘tag’ can be fixed and inbedded in a suitable adhesive in the recess/cavity created.
The ‘tag’ can easily be scanned and read through the pot side wall even when the pot has a Bonsai tree and soil contained with in it. The pot is then identifiable & tracecable to the owner keeper via the ‘tag’s’ unique ID number. Many thanks to Steve Kitchman of ‘China Mist Bonsai Pottery’ for creating and developing the first ever bonsai pot with this feature. You can contact to discuss having this feature incorporated in any commissioned pots. Go to¬†

Pot with blank recess for Pot ID ‘tag’

Pot with microchip ID ‘tag in side wall

Actual size comparison

Pot ID ‘tag’ side wall viewed from above

Reading Pot ‘tag’




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