It takes minutes to fit but will last the lifetime of the tagged bonsai.

As Bonsai enthusiasts we understand the dedication, skill, time and energy invested in developing these living works of art that become so precious to us.

At BON-TAG we’re passionate about our initiative in providing a bespoke theft deterrent identification system for Bonsai. The system and its format has been designed as the standard method to use to help make a treasured Bonsai traceable and identifiable. Its unobtrusive, it takes minutes to fit but will last the lifetime of the tagged bonsai. The BON-TAG system utilises well proven RFID microchip technology that is used for a wide variety of applications such as livestock, motor vehicles, asset management , industrial equipment and many other areas, the more commonly recognised of which is for the veterinary application of domestic pets.

At the heart of the system is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) transponder tag produced by Trovan the technology leader in the field since 1989. Each transponder is programmed with a unique alpha numeric code during manufacture with over 550 billion ID codes available that guarantees that no duplication exists for this type of read-only transponder tag. The tag is laser programmed to ensure that the permanent code cannot be altered or erased. Each tag is passive by design requiring no power source, is maintenance free, so effectively has an unlimited life span. It can be activated by a suitable reader scanner to reveal its unique ID numeric code. The small size of the tag allows it to be covertly installed within the property to be identified making it ideally suitable for bonsai tree application. For identification of valuable bonsai pots a resin encapsulated pill sized tag is available which can bonded to the pots interior or sealed within a cavity with an adhesive.

Bonsai that have been ‘tagged’ can be positively identified by scanning with a reader to reveal its ID which can then be checked against the database by the authorities to trace and verify legal ownership.

Using BON-TAG will give you peace of mind knowing you have taken precautions to deter and prevent your treasured Bonsai being targeted.


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